Our weekly slimming world meal plan, lot's of meal ideas and syn free meal options

Writing our weekly Slimming World meal plans each week has really made a difference to our eating habits. Just knowing what to get out of the freezer the night before means we’re less likely to opt for something unhealthy.


However, last week was a little bit of a write off. We were at a festival at the weekend which mean drinking more than my body weight in cider (I don’t even want to think of the syns) plus two McDonalds & a pizza on Monday at Frankie & Benny’s. I know, I know the shame! But I was really good the rest of the week and still managed to lose a pound which is an accomplishment after all that junk.

Yesterday we went out for a meal for my son’s 16th birthday. How can he 16 already?? So yesterday’s meal wasn’t exactly SW friendly but I’m back on track for the rest of the week. One bad day doesn’t need to equal a bad week!

During the day is the hardest part for me. I have no problems snacking in the evenings as I make a proper meal for the hubby & I. It’s the lunchtime & mid afternoon snacking that I need to get over. So I’m going to be getting organised for my lunches too. I’m starting to prep in advance, either cooking more the night before so I can have the left overs for lunch or prepping a meal based on the night before. So if we’re having chicken, I’ll incorporate that into the lunch for the next day.


Our Slimming World weekly meal plan including the Syns & syn free options


I’ve been getting pretty bored with just fruit & yogurt for breakfast but I don’t want to use up both my healthy extra a & b on cereal, plus I’m not a fan of toast so instead I’ve been making myself slimming world friendly overnight oats instead. It’s a super simple syn free recipe which is a bonus, and I’ve just added to my Slimming World recipe section on the blog. Plus you can make it in so many different flavours and add different fruits to up your speed foods too.


This is the one I’ve struggled with. I’ve gotten into the habit of not bothering to cook just for myself, and as I work from home I’ll tend to just snack throughout the day. I’m making sure I have lot’s of lunch options that are super quick, plus lot’s of leftovers in the freezer ready to microwave.

I’ve bought a new Free & Easy recipe book so I also want to try out Asian tuna & sweetcorn fritters (Syn Free) plus I’ll also be making a leek & potato soup this week to warm up for lunches too as I’ve got my new NutriBullet to try out.


I normally use my Healthy Extra A for my milk for my cups of teas but I’m trying to drink more green tea, so I’ll still have my A choice for meals.

    • Spag Bol making my own Slimming World pasta sauce, even though pasta is free I’ll still be having cauliflower to limit my carbs a little this week (Syn Free)
    • Luisiana Gumbo (Syn Free)
    • Cajan chicken burgers with SW potato wedges. I’ll be skipping the bread roll (1 Syn if using wholemeal roll as Healthy Extra B otherwise it’s 7 syns)
    • Chicken tikka skewers with rice salad (Syn Free)
    • Tuna pasta salad (Syn Free)
    • Chickpea curry with spinach & eggs (Syn Free)
    • SW friendly roast chicken dinner (Syn Free)

Do you plan your meals? What is your favourite Slimming World meal or recipe?

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  1. May 8, 2017 / 9:56 pm

    I think it’s fine to have a treat every now and then, it helps you stay sane on this diet ?. I also do overnight weetabix which is just as good as the oats. I heat it up & serve it with frozen berries, fills me up for a few hours too. Chicken tikka skewers sounds good too.
    Denise recently posted…Slimming World Sunday | Results 12 Weeks InMy Profile

  2. May 9, 2017 / 12:28 pm

    Your week sounds pretty amazing food wise to me – hence why I’m fat I guess ha ha! Love your meal plan, sounds absolutely delicious. I struggle with lunches now, it used to be breakfast, but I always eat it now. It’s just far too easy to eat a sandwich – I need to get prepping! Good luck for this week x

  3. May 10, 2017 / 4:20 am

    Now this is a meal plan that I’m looking for! Not too heavy, not too low! What’s best that it seems absolutely delicious! Thank you for sharing, I’ve been trying to create my own meal plan but I have no idea how to start and this just gave me an idea, perhaps I will even follow this one instead!

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