So if you’re a regular reader you’ll now that I have actually been following Slimming World for a while. I actually joined at Christmas as an online member but just didn’t stick to it properly and my weight fluctuated. Some weeks I lost a little, some weeks I put it back on. It just wasn’t working for me so I decided the only thing to do was join a group rather than going it alone.
I‘ve got to admit I was pretty nervous about joining a Slimming World group, but I’m so glad I did. It’s really given me a boost and made me focus on the week ready for my Friday morning weigh in. It’s great to be able to chat to other members and get some meal ideas from them. Everyone shares little tips and ideas, and new things they’ve tried.

I’ve been keeping track of my food in my food diary and writing a Slimming World weight loss diary on the blog every Saturday, plus planning our meals to help stay on plan. I’ve been uploading the to the blog every Monday and only buying what we need for the week’s meals.

The last two weeks haven’t been great food-wise. We’ve been to a weekend festival so lot’s of alcohol and food. Then it was my son’s 16th birthday which involved lots of food & cake! So I haven’t been as strict as I could have been and it’s showed in my weight loss. The first week I lost 3 1/2 lb, the second week only 1lb but a loss is a loss.

Since my spinal op last year I’ve just not been able to exercise like I used to, and the this week I’ve been in a lot of pain again so have had to avid exercise again. Which wasn’t great given that I haven’t been very strict on my food, so this week coming I really need to focus and stop the snacking between meals. Well, just making better choices on my snacks would be better.

So after all that, did I lose weight?

Have a nosy at my Slimming World loss diaries to see how I’m getting on. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more updates.


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