We all have goals in life. Some of which are easier to work towards than others. One of the biggest goals a person can have is running a business of their own, making their own money, and innovating their own products and brand. It’s a complete dream!

But starting a business is a big leap to take. It’s something that a lot of people turn their minds away from because it’s just too daunting… but if you’ve got the right advice and resources on your side, it’s one of the best plans you can come up with! Even when you’ve got little to no spare time!

So if you’re looking to start a company, and you know this would turn you into a bit of a Mummy Boss, then this is the post for you! Here’s a couple of tips for making sure you’ve got plenty of time to still dedicate to all facets of your life whilst getting your business off the ground in your spare time.


If you go into a spare time business with the expectations that you’ll reach the heights of someone who dedicates all their time to their company, you’re letting yourself down immediately. If you’ve only got a few hours each evening to get on with running your company, you need to make sure you’re setting goals you can achieve within this time frame.

For example, you can just ask yourself some questions. Where are you now, where would you like to be in six months time, can you bring anyone else on board, do you have the energy to always keep at your business or could you devise strategies to always enjoy your business etc. And then prioritise these questions based on which ones are more achievable and which ones are more long term goals.

Of course, there’s nothing to say you can’t reach the heights of most traditional companies, but it’s going to take a longer time and much more effort on your part. And always working hard when you’ve only got a 180 minutes a day to finesse your brand will make the time go by in a snap! But it will give you a productive advantage over anyone else in a traditional setting, as humans usually can only focus for that amount of time anyway… Who would have thought?


If you’ve only got some spare time to dedicate to starting a business, before you balance your life out to include it in your schedule properly, make sure you know the field you’re going into and the opportunity available there. You don’t want to charge in head first when you don’t have the time or energy to deal with the consequences!

Have you done some market research, first of all? It’s more simple to carry out than you think, especially if you already spend a lot of time on social media. You can spot patterns for what people want in their lives when you’ve got a whole newsfeed filled with people’s complaints and when you’re part of groups that constantly have good ideas to churn out. Facebook in particular is good for this, so make sure you’re signing up to business groups and pages that’ll allow you to ping ideas off of others just like you.

And then you can ask for access for statistic files, and you can ask around in other local businesses or people you know who also started a home business. All in all, you never want to go into starting your own business without having information on your side that tells you what the market wants. You don’t have a business if there’s no business for it, so don’t waste those precious hours you’d usually have to yourself of a typical evening!


The internet is a wonderful tool for businesses to use, no matter the kind of business they are. If you’ve got a world wide web to advertise to and be reviewed by, you’re going to reach heights you never thought possible at day one. And not just that, you’ve got a great tool for automating business practices and getting all your paperwork done in a timely manner.

With services like the cloud, and other virtual servers and storage available to you, you probably won’t ever have to use paper again (unless you keep physical records, which is always good practice if you’re serious about what you do…). Similarly, you don’t have to apply solely by post anymore to make sure your company is recognised as legal by the government, when services like company formation are just a couple of clicks away.

Remember, there’s always going to be an online service for any letter that comes through your door asking you to fill out your details! Save yourself as much time as you can to put towards better business ideas that’ll take you further. And the internet is also where you’re best advertised, as your very small business will do well on previously established marketplaces, before you can carve out your own website with a dedicated following to it.


Don’t worry, it won’t be as hard as you think. When you’re still working a day job, and you still have a steady income flowing into your bank account week in and week out, you’re going to be in a much better position than any entrepreneur who tried to chance it.

And when you’ve only got a limited amount of time on your hands to get your business up and running, you’re going to be much better at prioritising, scanning for the right details, and sending out as many emails as you can for advice and investment. Starting a business in your spare time – it’s something everyone is capable of!

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