We’re all agreed that working freelance is fantastic, right? There’s the joy of deciding your hours, the power of choosing a career you love and, best of all, the benefit of doing away with a boss. When you consider all that, it should come as no surprise that many of us are now seeking this lifestyle.

Of course, what goes up must come down, and freelance life isn’t all happy days. As with any career, freelancing has its problems, the main one being uncertainty. Many wannabe freelancers never make this change because they’re too afraid of work drying up. Even freelancers who have been in the game for awhile often overload their work diaries for fear every job will be their last.

Luckily, this issue has a simple solution. And, no; it isn’t to take on so much work that you fast burn yourself out. It’s merely to focus on developing loyal freelance clients. While you still won’t have a set contract or guaranteed work this way, it can go a long way towards bringing some more peace of mind to what you do. The question is, how exactly does one go about developing relationships like these?


Like it or not, half of the freelance world is about selling yourself. And, if you want to attract repeat clients, you’re going to have to sell yourself pretty hard to start with. That’s because first impressions count and, depending on the work you’re offering, this may be the only time you actually meet the client. If not now, then, you might never have another chance to knock their socks off. And, the best shot you have of achieving this goal is to develop a presentation which gives a company an idea of your full skill set. This could open doors which would otherwise remain shut, as well as revealing you as a valuable asset.

Of course, presentation perfection isn’t always easy to achieve when you’re doing things alone. You don’t exactly have a team behind you who can spend hours on powerpoint presentations. Instead, you may find it beneficial to turn to AI-based software like Beautiful AI. to simplify the process. You only need to look at their slide templates to find out why find out why Beautiful.AI is highly rated in the industry. Their ready-made templates and adaptable designs mean that you can perfect a professional presentation without spending hours on it. And, that presentation could be just the thing to encourage a company that they could benefit from working with you long-term.


It’s also vital that you make yourself as simple to work with as possible. As more of us turn towards freelance work, things are getting pretty competitive in this industry. If your processes are long-winded or delayed, then, there’s nothing to stop a company from never working with you again. It doesn’t make much difference to them because there will be a line of freelancers waiting to take your place. While you would still receive payment for the work you’ve done for them, then, you would altogether eliminate your chances at getting more work in the same place.

To make sure a company can’t wait to work with you again, you want to do whatever you can to make their lives easier. And, there are plenty of ways that you can work towards that goal. For one, you want to get your invoice to them as fast as possible, with a clear breakdown of costs and a date by which they must pay. Remember that payment issues are often where working relationships fall apart, so getting on top of this is a must. You also want to make your work itself simple to obtain. For one, you want to use the best software on the market to ensure ease of processes and even device connectivity. You should also be sure to ask clients which format they would like any files you send through to them so that they can open anything up straight away. And, of course, you want to make sure to stay in touch and complete all work by the date agreed. These may seem like small steps, but they can go a long way towards making you an attractive repeat option for any company.


This seems obvious, doesn’t it? Still, it’s well worth mentioning because it’s perhaps the best shot you have at achieving a repeat commission. The fact is that nothing else you do matters as much as the work you actually produce. This is the final judgement, and you should do whatever you can to provide the best quality work possible. Of course, the chances are that you already do that with every job you complete. But, you might still want to think about how you can work well to meet the exact standards that a client is expecting.

Often, a client and freelancer will work back and forth on a project until it’s perfect. That’s standard, but it is worth noting that your chances of a loyal customer get a little further away each time you have to make changes. Instead, you want to do what you can do understand the brief from the off. Just imagine how impressed a client will be if you satisfy their every need the first time? This means making detailed notes in meetings, and knowing exactly which questions to ask to perfect every project. Get into this habit, and you should soon find repeat customers clamouring at your door.

It’s also worth remembering that, if you still don’t gain more work after these efforts, you could always just ask. In some instances, companies work with so many freelancers at once that you could fall straight under the radar. If you think a commission went well, then, certainly don’t be shy about leaving your contact details and making it clear that you’re open for further work if they should need you.

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