The Art Of A Cosy And Healthy Entryway In Winter

When you think of making an entrance, you might recall dramatic scenes such as Liz Taylor in Cleopatra, arriving in Rome, surrounded by dancers, warriors, soldiers, horses, feathers and luxury fabric. There’s every level of drama, attention to details, choreography, and style in this scene of this eponymous film.

Making an entrance is, in conclusion, all about the dramatic effect. While you may not be able to wander around with a brass band and light effects, there are many ways in which you can ensure your entrance is flawless. The same principle also applies to your entryway at home. As it’s the first thing people will see from your home, it deserves special care. The main problem, however, about keeping your entryway as spotless as possible is the season. When the weather is grey, rainy, snowy and frosty like now, the first experience your guests are likely to get from your home is a puddle of mud! Here’s how to stop winter from ruining your entryway:

Modern Home Entryway

Stop ignoring it; it’s the first thing people see

First of all, regardless of the season, your entryway acts as an introductory passage into your home. You want it to be inviting and to set the tone. In other words, you need to dedicate some time in decorating and embellishing the space, regardless of how small it is. A tasteful accent wall with patterned wallpaper or a vibrant coat of paint can immediately turn a dull space into something exciting and welcoming. The addition of a bench or a chest of drawer is ideal to give your guests a storage place for their bags, hats and other items. You’ll find that a mirror can also brighten up a dark entry corridor and make it appear roomier than it is.

Who says winter, says rain, mud and dirt

Picture a typical winter day in your town. Is it rainy? Is it snowy? Is it frosty? Whether you live in a southern region or up north, there’s one thing everyone can agree upon. A typical winter day leads to a messy entryway! The snow you’ve accumulated under the sole of your shoes slowly melts as you get inside, creating little puddles of dirty water all around you. If you’ve been out in the rain, you can expect mud prints all over the carpet. Admittedly, while you can clean out mud from your carpet, it’s fair to say that it’s not the kind of things you’d be happy to do every winter of every year. It’s a tenuous job to maintain your entryway clean! Instead, it’s a good idea to pick easy-to-maintain flooring solution, such as micro-concrete floors from or even rustic tiles if you live in the countryside. A doormat is, of course, an essential, but it doesn’t replace a washable floor.

You need a shoe rack

It can be tempting to create a sophisticated dressing room with a wall entirely dedicated to your shoe collection. You’ll find plenty of inspiring design ideas to store your favourite pairs alongside your clothes. Indeed, for many homeowners, the idea of keeping your shoes by the front door appears a little messy. In reality, you can’t do without a shoe rack, especially in winter – check some of these entryway rack ideas from As your shoes are likely to be wet and dirty when you get home; you need to have an area to remove and store them by the entrance. Additionally, a shoe rack lets you store slippers for yourself and your guests so that everyone can stay cosy even without shoes.

Nobody wants to make a cold entrance

British homes are notoriously poorly insulated – unless you happen to live in a newly built property. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for entryways to be freezing cold! The last thing you want is your guests to be shaking and chattering teeth as they come in. In winter more than during any season you need to keep your entry hall warm. Draft stoppers can block the space at the bottom of the front door. You can also check the insulation around the door frame and the windows.

Add a welcoming scent

Last, but not least, positive sensory touches can make your home welcoming in winter, such as the addition of fragrances in the entryway. Inviting scents are used to keep the cold and murky smells of winter at bay!

Your entryway plays a crucial role in maintaining your health in winter. From keeping you warm to making your smile, it’s the room where you can start the battle against the winter cold and SAD syndrome. Keep it cosy, clean and, above all, healthy.

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