Some people imagine a neutral home as a space where all walls are painted magnolia, lacking charisma and character.

This couldn’t be more wrong. Neutrals is a term used to describe a wide range of shades and finishes, from greys to whites, creams to fresh pastels. Having a home which incorporates neutrals mean it’s stripped back from any loud clashing prints or colours, creating a base for creativity across furniture, decor or finishings.

Picking the right shade of neutral for every room in the home can be tricky. You want to avoid dulling down a room, yet at the same time, you will want to strive for clean looking walls that set an atmosphere.

Below, we explore the best neutrals to incorporate into each room of the home, and how to get it just right:


These two rooms get a lot of traffic, from entering the home every day after work, greeting the postman, and children rushing by. For these reasons, dark grey is a great option for an entryway or small hallway.

For these busy rooms, you ideally need a neutral which will hide wear and tear. For this reason, go for a darker shade of grey which can absorb all of the traffic from the people passing through, yet provide balance among all of the clutter that gets stored in entryways and hallways.


Bathrooms should bring feelings of tranquillity and relaxation, which is why a lot of people theme them to reflect the seaside or beaches. For good reason, too, as what is possibly more relaxing than water? As your bathroom should encourage R&R, look at bringing in touches of light blue combined with bright white to the walls and throughout finishes.

Ideally, you need a good quality bathtub and shower unit to set the scene of your bathroom. You can see a good range of bathtubs of all finishes and sizes at Bathdisc, which can set the inspiration for your bathroom space. Then, decide on whether you require fully tiled walls or a combination of painted and tiled.

It works well having the walls surrounding the bath tiled, and the others painted, if your space allows for this. Choose a light blue tiling against freshly painted white walls to encourage that ocean-inspired feel.

These sea-themed colours work beautifully with both nickel and brass finishings, such as taps, handles and hook.


Living rooms are meant to be cosy and encourage family get-togethers, so it’s worth choosing a neutral with a hint of warmth.

Some ideal shades to consider are cream, honey or burnt orange, depending on how warm you would like to go. Your living room is one of the main rooms that have a lot going on in it, therefore, keep it decorated in a way offers the wow factor and doesn’t tire easily. This is why shades of warm honey or burnt orange can work really well in this room.

Cream is an option if utilising colour scares you a little. Try to avoid stark bright white or cooler tones. These can make a room look cold and uninviting.


Most people use their kitchen as a place to cook and congregate, therefore keeping a relaxed vibe is key. The kitchen is quite often a hectic, stressful room in the house, especially when cooking or entertaining. When it comes to choosing a colour scheme, keep it as relaxed as can be.

Look at utilising a calming green shade in the kitchen, giving off a peaceful and serene atmosphere. If you have any wooden or wood-inspired kitchen fittings or furniture, this pale shade of green will pair together well, giving off a country feel.


The secret to choosing a neutral shade for the master bedroom is to pick one that works well for both day and night. It’s a room that needs to feel bright and positive in the morning, but cosy and peaceful at night.

A light, subtle grey is a fresh, unisex shade which works well with white, wood or dark furnishings. It makes the perfect wall base for hanging artwork and prints and tends to blend in with any other neutrals which make up the bedding or carpets.

Light grey can feel refreshing and light for those early mornings, yet homely and relaxing when snuggling down in bed.

Remember to look for paints which resist dirt and grime as much as possible, depending on which room you are decorating. You can get some with washability, and some that double up as a paint and primer in one, so you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect one!

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  1. July 3, 2019 / 10:30 am

    Lovely tips! I’m a fan of white walls where I can then add different colours to create different vibes of the house! the colour palette you mentioned is spot on! x

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