Although the current trends of minimalist and contemporary postmodern styles are the talk of the town, there’s one style that is loved throughout the ages. If you go to an interior design event, it’s common to find classical and postmodern groups arguing against each other. But there’s a style that is pretty much approved by both sides. The rustic style is down to earth but charming. Usually you’ll find the rustic style in the countryside. When we picture what rustic interior design means, we think of earthy tones. Brown, beige, orange and even red all have their place. The best thing about a rustic style is how deep the connection is with natural materials. Stone and wood take centre stage and thus, it’s also down to earth with regards to price. There is an old school way of rustic and a new school. See which one you would like best for your patio.

Sitting on the earth’s fruits

Wood is by far the most beautiful material in any house. It takes many decades for a tree to grow to a certain height and thickness before it can be harvested. Then it’s taken by craftsman and by hand, they will carve and cut the piece of wood and bring it to life. For a rustic patio, you should focus on benches and seating that is made out of soft wood. Young oak is a superb material that can be carved into comfortable shapes and isn’t as rigid as aged walnut. However you may want to consider wood from a yew tree also. Longbows are made from yew because the wood is so bendy and pliable. Consider a bench in an orange and burgundy hue. How about a cottage garden chair as well for extra back support and armrests?

The best feature

A patio that purports to be rustic, must have stone flooring. There’s simply no other material, not even wood that can do the original rustic style justice as much as stone. A rugged and rough stone that is smoothed on the surface like new Indian sandstone is a great option. It’s sandy yellow hue but can also come in a pale chalky white colour. You can buy this in bulk because it’s so easy to produce. This means the entire patio can be consistent not just in style but in material too. With so much on hand, you can buy more than you need and cut the stones into your personal shape. The classic rectangle tiles are the most popular because each tile can have it’s space and expose its unique character and aesthetic.

Tall just fits

Around a rustic patio, there should be tall plants and tall grass. They don’t have to be up to neck height but they should be up to chest height. The stoic green and rigid plants go superbly with a wooden seating style and earthy tone stone tile flooring.

Rustic patios are the cheapest when compared to the ultra modern styles. They have a down to earth charm because they use the two most oldest materials; stone and wood. Scatter some plants around to inject some bright green among the pale and brown shades.

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