The guilt of being attacked on holiday @gymbunnymum

My face is a mess, people are staring.

What did she do?

Who’s she been fighting with?

Was it her husband?

She looks so rough.

She must have deserved it.

The guilt of being attacked on holiday @gymbunnymum

The guilt of being attacked on holiday @gymbunnymum

But I didn’t, I did nothing wrong. I didn’t get into a fight, I didn’t even get a chance to defend myself. I was pushed from behind, hitting the road face first resulting in this. She carried on running after she pushed me and disappeared.

I was in Magaluf so the police there didn’t want to know. It’s what happens when Brits go out drinking, they said. I must have been drunk, I must have been fighting. We’re all the same.

But I wasn’t, I was on holiday with my family ranging from ages between 70 & 17. Yes we went to Magaluf for the party reputation, we wanted somewhere we could have fun, go out drinking together, somewhere lively that everyone would enjoy. To have a laugh together.

What we didn’t want was to be involved in something like this. For people to tut and stare, to take a second look and shake their heads at me.

The guilt of being attacked on holiday @gymbunnymum

I feel guilty for looking like this, I feel guilty that people might think my amazing husband could have done this. I feel guilty walking my son to nursery with people judging me.

I shouldn’t feel the guilt of being attacked, yet I do, because what kind of animal does this for no reason?