Our little man is dinosaur crazy, seriously this kid is obsessed. He has a severe speech delay but still attempts to name the different dinosaurs. He loves his T-Rec & Su-Tops as he calls them, so gorgeous.
We’re currently saving for our loft conversion for the teenager, then Archie will be moving into his brothers room so it’s time to start thinking themes for his room. It’s going to be dinosaurs but there’s so many products & styles to go for so obviously  I needed to hit up Pinterest for some inspiration on the kind of style we liked for his new dinosaur bedroom.

We’ve bought the IKEA KURA bed which will be perfect for his small room. Underneath I want to create a little sensory space for him. Lot’s of cushions and soft textures, rope lighting and toy storage. It can be his little hideaway for when he needs some time to himself to chill out.

We couldn’t decide whether to go for a simple dinosaur patterned duvet set or all out dino. Our two fav’s are this super cute bedding set from Emma Bridgewater or the Room to Grow T-Rex bedding. I think whilst he’s still young we’ll go for the first then swap over once he’s a little older.

Alongside the rope lighting we’ve got some gorgeous dinosaur lights too. Whilst he loves sensory lights he doesn’t like anything too bright, it’s just too overwhelming & stimulating for him so these two lights are perfect solutions, plus they are petty damn stylish too.

The personalised Dinosaur Light Box is so cute, I love that you can have any name on there. This will look gorgeous on a little shelf with a few toys and books. Then we have the T-Rex Dino Lamp which provides a soft glow, perfect for a nightlight. It’s going to look awesome on his new set of drawers.

Because of his Autism I don’t want the walls to be too fussy or overwhelming for him. Simple white painted walls with some wall stickers will be perfect. I’ve got the Walltastic Dinosaur Land Kit from Kiddies Kingdom to add some stickers around the walls but I might also put some in frames for him too.

You can’t have a brand new bedroom without a few new toys can you? The T-Rex Projector & Room Guard is a fab toy but it’s also fun to put outside the door to stop any unwanted visitors (probably his brother) from coming in! It projects lifelike images of dinosaurs onto the wall. There’s 24 images that can project from 1m wide. Plus to try and encourage Archie to share and work on his social skills we’ve got the Dino Bite Game, he’s still not keen on sharing but we’re working on it!

What would be included in your ultimate dinosaur room? Would you choose any of the same picks as me?


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  1. March 8, 2017 / 9:41 pm

    Love these ideas. In around a month when our garage conversion is complete Arthur will be moving into my current office, he has picked Dino theme and I’ve already bought the Emma bridgewater bedding. Can’t wait t North started with in his room. #homeetc

  2. March 13, 2017 / 12:53 pm

    The dinosaur bedding is amazing. I know my son would love this. I don’t know what it is about dinosaurs, but they really seem to capture children’s imaginations x

  3. March 14, 2017 / 8:12 am

    My Harry would LOVE this! I’m thinking of doing something similar 🙂 Great picks. Thanks for sharing and linking up. Jess xx


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