It is true that gutter cleaning is not an interesting topic to discuss. You would rather like some fashion tips or some home decor ideas to be discussed. But you have to understand that gutter cleaning is very important to keep your house healthy and clean.
Most of you pay least attention to keep your drainage pipes away from clogging when it comes to home maintenance.


Reasons are very common that lead to choking of your gutters and they usually fail to capture your attention. When dry leaves, dead rodents, house garbage and debris enter your drainage pipe, they block them.

Clogging is one problem that should be considered seriously. Another is leaking drainage system. In both the cases, it is your home that suffers the brunt. To keep it protected from the ill-effects of dysfunctional gutters, you must call a professional if needed. However, you can subdue the signs of damage to some extent by using upvc cleaning equipment against the external surface of gutters.

Here are some damages that are caused if your drainage system is suffering with some problem.


The very first sign of clogged or leaking gutters appear on the walls. If your drainage system is inefficient to clear away water from the roof, moisture and damp spots start appearing over the walls and ceiling. These marks damage the aesthetic beauty of your home and cause the flakes of paints to fall. The result is that your home starts looking cluttered and aged at early stages.


Your furniture is something that costed you a lot in terms of both time and money. You must have put in a lot of efforts in buying suitable dining table, sofa set or a wall mount cabinet for your home. In case your home has clogged or leaking gutter, be prepared to see all of your wood losing its shine.

If your house is stuck with dampness, your wooden furniture will start absorbing the moisture slowly and will rot over the time.

CLOGGED DRAINS – Breeding ground for unwanted creatures

You all know that germs and rodents breed over clutter and moisture. Choked or leaking drainage system in your home serves as the breeding ground of several rodents and parasite. If they do not get your attention at early stages, soon you will see pests running inside your home. You will also observe subsequent growth of algae and fungi on your walls and wooden furnitures. With all this happening around your home due to clogged gutters, you will observe your home’s aesthetic look starting to deteriorate.


Do you feel that there is some smell floating in your home? Are you not able to find the source of this unpleasant odour? It is perhaps time to check your drainage system.

If your gutter system is not working properly, there are high chances that this obnoxious odour is caused due to this. The eruption of dampness, algae, fungi, germ attack and pest invasion are the reasons for development of unwanted smell.


A clogged and leaking drainage pipe can be the root cause of several problems in your home. If the problem is not brought under control, it can cause severe damage to your home. You can hire a professional or keep your tools ready to prevent these problem from occurring.


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