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Summer is almost upon us. This means that there will be more sunshine, more joy in our lives, and more time to have fun with our friends and family. While many of us would have holidays booked in the summer, it would be a good idea to do some sport before going away.
Sports during summer not only keeps us fit and healthy, but it also keeps us mentally fresh. You need not be great at sports to have some fun; all you need are some friends and family members to participate, and you could have a very good time.

There are a number of sports to choose from if you are thinking of getting into it this summer. Below are three of the best to keep you healthy and fit, and you are guaranteed to have fun.


Many of us may not know the rules of golf, but it is nevertheless an activity worth giving a go. The best part is that you do not actually have to have an athletic figure or strong arms to play this sport. All you need is a willingness to have fun.

You do not necessarily have to be members of a golf club to play. Nowadays, there are golf courses that allow a party of four or five to enjoy a day of golfing for a relatively small price. It is a great way to socialise as well. You could play, chat and be competitive – all at the time same. It is quite healthy as well: walking all over the course under the sun can make you tired, but it also increases your fitness level.

According to PromoPony, the upcoming 2017 Masters Tournament in Augusta is one of the sporting events to watch this year. Following the likes of Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy battle for the championship is only going to make you fall in love with golf and inspire you to go to a nearby course.


Tennis is a brilliant sport, and one that everyone should enjoy. Just like golf, you do not have to be super-strong to play this or even know all the rules. It is a good way to relieve stress and blow steam, and it also keeps you healthy.

As many as four of you can play on a tennis court. It would certainly enhance the friendship and bond among you. There is a competitive edge to this sport, but it is all good fun.

Getting into tennis is not as expensive as many think. The unisex Babolat Eagle tennis racquet is relatively inexpensive: that and a few balls are all you need to play tennis. If you practise regularly and find a suitable partner, then you could be participating in local and amateur tournaments.


Running is very healthy and would certainly help you in shedding those extra pounds you may have put on. You could go running in the morning before work or in the evening after you finish, and you could find a partner to push each other or you could just go solo.

While this sport can be hard and you have to stay disciplined, especially if you are just starting and have not done much exercise before, but if you keep going, then you will certainly reap the benefits.

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