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Homecoming happens in fall, but it doesn’t limit the dress colours – beautiful burgundies, great greens, yowza yellows, bold browns. If you’re ready to party, look into the hottest colour trends. Homecoming coincides with football and the final home game. It welcomes alums back to their alma mater. Week-long activities highlight the homecoming week. The vibe: less formal than held-in-spring prom. It’s the final “hurrah” for the year’s school dances. Homecoming attendees opt for pretty minis and cocktail length dresses.

It’s time to consider what to wear for homecoming. Start looking for a dress that matches your younger looking skin. You’ll also have to consider the critical element of style and color that will actually flatter not only your body shape, but also your skin tone. That is why it is crucial to look for cute homecoming dresses for 2016.

The Pantone Matching System suggests that if you want to go for a soft pastel colours, choose the Rose Quartz and Serenity.  College Fashion says there are five trendy colours on the cusp of popularity, and those include:

  • Hazy Taupe
  • Lemon Chiffon
  • Mango
  • Dark Teal
  • Indigo

The colours mentioned above represent varied palette that are fresh and less common. The color choices are based on the design that complements various skin tones. For example, the first three, Hazy Taupe, Lemon Chiffon and Mango flatter the fair-skinned and light haired. But Dark Teal and Indigo are two of the most flattering contrast colours for darker skin or brunettes in general. If you are looking for these flattering colours, they are available in Peaches Boutique. Their friendly staff will be happy to assist you in choosing which colour is perfect for your skin tone.

In fall, most locations in the United States begin to experience cooler climates, and in many places, it can be downright cold. The trend towards blustery and approaching-wintery weather also makes it perfectly acceptable to consider colours more associated with the holidays. Although, if you are lucky enough to attend a school which has both a homecoming and a winter dance, you should think about not only your potential color scheme for events, but your coin to save, especially if you’re going to need two dresses, one for each dance/event.

You can’t go wrong with the aforementioned burgundy shades, which include maroon, wine and deepest reds for your homecoming event. But you can also explore more bold colors – if you’re willing to make a statement this year — be it your freshman, sophomore, junior or senior year – will indeed be yours for the taking. If you choose a trendy, but boldly colored dressed, keep your accessories and jewelry modest and simple.  Go for bold with:

SILVER – very flattering color on brunettes

GOLD – looks lovely on blonds and redheads

BRIGHT BLUE – can flatter nearly any skin tone

RED – flatters nearly any skin tone, by virtue of the different shades available, with hints of red or orange.

PURPLE – Helen Mirren wore it at a high-profile event, in honor of the late singer/songwriter/actor, Prince Rogers Nelson

GREEN – is synonymous with environmental matters and moving forward. It signifies generosity.

WHITE – the color of brides and debutantes. Still, a tasteful white dress is an appropriate choice for any occasions

Look into the five trendy colours mentioned above, and do a sample comparison to your skin tone. Choose the color that makes you happy, glowing, and flatters your overall appearance. What looks best on you is the trendiest colour of all.


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