I’m a work from home mum, running my blog as my business, so I don’t get out much! Working from home means that I tend to go for comfort over style, getting into a total rut when it comes to my clothing. I pretty much live in leggings and a t-shirt or jumper.
My wardrobe needs a serious shake up. I have my ‘mum uniform’ of legging and a ‘mum bun’ or I have my going out clothes, I’m stuck for anything in between, which is really starting to drive me mad.

I want to get my sense of fashion back, to find my style again, but I’ve just been struggling on where to start.

Before our holiday I decided to take a shopping trip and get myself a few new items but really struggled. A lot of what is in the shops now just feels too ‘young’ for me, or I’m struggling to put items together that doesn’t go back to being leggings and a top.

I really need to shake up how I think about fashion. I love fashion & beauty but I just don’t know where it all sits with me any more. I feel like I’ve kind of lost my identity and always go for the same style of clothing when shopping.

If I’m dressing up for a night out, I’ve got no problem finding a dress and glamming up. Although I do still veer towards the mum bun as I just don’t know what to do with my hair anymore.

It’s the everyday style I need to work on. Being casual without dressing like a teenager, or a slob! There’s no in between at the moment, I’m either glam or scruffy. I need to find that mid range where I can feel like me again.

I’ve been sent a gorgeous pair of leopard print pumps from Vionic shoes, they are stunning and so unbelievably comfy so I want to wear them with everything. My feet and ankles can be really sore from the gym, plus I still have back problems from my spinal op last year, so really need something supportive and these are fab.

They are the best of both worlds. They are biomechanically designed to hug your arches, FMT Technology that helps support natural alignment from the ground up, plus they look amazing!

Then this got me thinking, instead of just pairing them with leggings or jeans, perhaps they would look pretty cool with a summer dress, or a pair of leather jeans. Normally I would have just stuck to that one style and not even thought about wearing them with different styles, colours or patterns but I’m ready to try something new.

I need to start thinking differently about fashion now. I need to start doing a bit of research, having a look on Pinterest and following some stylish mamas on Instagram.

I need to try on clothes I wouldn’t normally go for. I need to go in shops I wouldn’t normally go in. I need to have a huge clear out of my wardrobe and stop grabbing the same clothes week in week out.

I need to get my confidence back and find my style again, and I can’t wait!


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