So as part of my December goals I working on my Youtube channel & doing Vlogmas 2016!

If you don’t know what Vlogmas is then you’re not alone, I didn’t know what is was until about a week ago when I heard about it and decided to give it a go.

Vlogmas is basically posting a video a day on YouTube leading up to Christmas Day. I’m still feeling pretty weird & nervous filming myself so I thought this would be a fab way to get myself vlogging more & getting used to my own voice.

I just don’t feel very natural in front of the camera but I’ll be getting loads of practice this month so hopefully come January I’ll be a pro! Haha who am I kidding, ok not a pro but at least not quite so awkward!

I’m also saving for a new vlogging camera so with some extra Christmas pennies from the hubby I’ll be getting my shiny new one soon, I just have to decide which one I want, and can afford.

I’ve got so many Vlogmas ideas. I’ll be filming the Christmas Markets, decorating the tree, doing a bit of festive baking and showing you how to decorate your Christmas cake along with loads more. So stick around for my first Vlogmas video and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up & subscribe. See, I already sound like a proper YouTuber

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