Wagamama Manchester Printworks review

Wagamama’s is one of my favourite places to eat, I love it. The food is amazing, so fresh and tasty, yet you get served so quick too so it’s a fab place to go for lunch.
When we go we tend to stick to the same dishes, the ones we know & love. I can’t go to Wagamama’s without having the steam gyoza’s. The hubby loves the squid so we tend to order both and just share the two, the best of both worlds. That is if you’re ok sharing food!

As much as I love ramen I can’t resist the Katsu Curry and the rice is always so perfectly cooked. For some reason rice is something I can just never get right, here it’s just perfect.

We were really looking forward to trying the newly expanded steam bun range, they now offer four different and delicious types of steamed buns. We opted for the Korean BBQ beef but we spotted other diners trying out the two new variations  of crispy tori kara age chicken and fresh tomato and mixed mushroom and panko aubergine. They looked amazing!

We will always keep going back to Wagamama’s whenever we are in Manchester, I love it.

Have you eaten there before, what’s your favourite? If you haven’t tried it before, have we tempted you to try out the new menu?

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