Winter can be great: snow days and Christmas, hot chocolate and cosy homes. You can make the best of winter by freshening up and arranging your bedroom décor to make it warmer and cosier than ever before. Curtains in winter are a must, and switching out light summer curtains for thick and warm winter ones can make all the difference to the comfort that a room can offer.

Here is how to choose your new bedroom curtains.


Opting for curtains in rich and vibrant colours is a great way to add warm and cosiness to any room. Deep red is a hot colour, rich gold adds opulence, and dark blues and shades of brown infuse the room with a sense of security. Lined curtains have greater heaviness to them, which can help to shut out the poor weather and grey, dark skies that can be a feature of winter.


Eyelet curtains are a great way to make sure that your curtains will hang properly, draping in sculptured folds that look amazing when the curtains are open and when they are closed. Eyelet curtains have tailored holes in them, through which a curtain rod can be fed, saving the need to buy curtain hooks or rings. With curtains, it can be tricky to get the spacing just right, but eyelet curtains save this stress too, having the holes at predetermined spaces that help them to hang just right, with the perfect amount of pleating. You can bring some eyelet curtains home today from Yorkshire Linen’s gorgeous range.


The fabric that your curtains are made from can make a big difference to the way the curtains look in the bedroom. Obviously, lightweight fabrics have less mass to make them hang straight down, and they can often let in the light. Light, breezy curtains are perfect for hot summer days, but they are not desirable in winter, which is when heavy, thick curtains come into their own, literally trapping heat inside the room, and also creating the impression of a comfortable haven. This effect can be enhanced by opting for floor length curtains that just skim the floor. Floor length curtains hide the walls of the room, and also prevent any draughts that might otherwise cause a chill in the room.

These are just a couple of the ways that you can make your home a bit more cosy and comfortable this winter. New curtains are a fantastic way to smarten up your bedroom without having to spend a fortune.

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