So this is my second ‘Weekday Wardrobe’ post & I’m loving getting into the habit of taking daily photos. Well, more the fact that I’m thinking about my daily outfits more & pushing myself in that respect.
I do make the effort with my outfits when I’m going somewhere or doing something. But day to day I just threw on whatever was handy. Basically a tee & jeans or leggings every day. Especially since my boy moved to a different special needs school further away, he now gets a minibus to school so I didn’t even have to get ready for the school run. It was more about comfort than anything else.

I’m still thinking about comfort as I work from home. But I’m thinking more about style as well as function. Plus now it’s so sunny at the mo I’m able to wear some love,y, summery outfits rather than warm jumpers!

I said in my last post I was going to head into Manchester with my camera & my tripod, but I’ve been brave & posted on my Facebook page that I need someone up for a wander out to act as my photographer. A few friends were more than happy to come out with me into Manchester. They can take some outfit shots for me & I can treat us to coffee & cake. I wish I was brave enough to ask sooner but until you build the confidence to do something, you don’t realise how easy it is. The build up to it is much harder than the doing!

So, onto the clothes. Here’s this week’s ‘Weekday Wardrobe’.


Headscarf, obvs. Totally my go to hairstyle. I love this yellow shirt. I picked it up from a £1 Bonanza Day at a local dress agency which sells vintage & second hand items. Once every few months they sell off stock for a pound each, total bargain. The jeans are pretty old ones from Ne Look but they always have similar styles in.


A simple leopard print look, cosy & comfortable. The cardigan & UGG boots were both ASOS buys. The jeans & tee both charity shop buys. The headscarf looks like leopard in this photo but it’s actually just a patterned scarf in shades of black & brown.


It was a bit warmer on Wednesday so I pulled out my linen jumpsuit from New Look. This was a holiday buy which works well with or without a top underneath. I’ve worn it on a night out with sandals, which looks fab for a more dressier look.


I absolutely adore these trousers. They are proper granny pants that I picked up from the charity shop, but I love the pattern & colour so much. They were on the pound rail, I seriously can’t believe a pair of vintage trousers were a quid.

The shoes were also charity shop buys, do you see a theme here? Lol. They are real leather from M&S  and we’re brand new with the labels still attached to the sole. For £4.25 they were an absolute steal & they are one of the most comfiest pairs of shoes I own.


This outfit is 100% charity shopped. I can’t remember the exact prices as I’ve had them a while. But the jogger style trousers were from the same pound rail as above, only a few months back. They are NEXT too so really good quality & a really good fit too.

So what’s your favourite outfit? Do you stick to a mum uniform or are you a bit more adventurous in your fashion?


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