Our weekly meal plan, planning healthy, slimming world friendly meals for the family @gymbunnymum

It’s that time again, time to decide our weekly meal plan, and now I’m back in the gym I’m determined to keep eating healthy, high protein, low fat meals, plus I’m trying out a few more Slimming World recipes.

Last week was a good week, no takeaways or junk plus I even managed to take the boys to McDonalds after football yesterday and only ordered myself a diet coke. I’ve even managed to cut down on my sugar in tea & coffee


To increase my protein, I’m having eggs most mornings, especially now as I’m trying to go for a run or hit the gym once I drop Archie off at nursery depending on how busy I am with work.


Now the sun’s out and it’s been feeling much warmer this week will be featuring lot’s of salads or jacket potatoes.


  • Fisherman’s Burgers with SW chips
  • Homemade SW Lasagne
  • Diet Cola Chicken
  • Spicy Meatballs
  • Spanish omelette & salad
  • Chilli Squid & noodles
  • Steak with sweet potato fries

Do you meal plan or think it will be something you want to start? I’ve definitely started spending less on food shopping since I started buying exactly what what we need.



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