I‘m doing this week’s meal plan a little different again this week. I’m going to show you how I save some money using coupons.

I’ve haven’t been couponing for a while now as my printer died but we’ve got a new one so I’m back printing off all the coupons I can find!

Some week’s the coupons are better than other but this week hasn’t been a bad week at all. You might not think using coupons saves much money but if you use them right then the saving’s can really add up. The best way to use coupons is to wait until the item is on special offer in the supermarket, this way you can really maximise your savings.

For example, the Bold Liquitabs are usually £9. This week they were on offer for £4.50 the I had a 75p off coupon making them only £3.75 which is a bargain.

The soups were on offer for only £1.17 instead of £2 so with my £1 off coupon I only paid 17p each! That’s my lunches sorted for next week.

Again the same with the Plenty Big One’s. They are usually £2.50 each but were on offer for £1.50 then with a 50p coupon they were only £1 each.

Overall the items I bought with coupons should have cost £28.85 at their regular price, but waiting until they came on offer this took them down to £21.78 then with my coupons on top I only paid £13.58. Those coupons really do add up to some big savings

So onto this week’s meal plan


Porridge again. I thought I would be a bit fed up of it by now but I’ve been adding different toppings each day. Sometimes adding bananas, sultanas or flaked almonds.


I’ll be having my Covent Garden soups for lunch this week

  • Homemade Chinese beef curry. I normally do chicken but I bought a big pack of stewing steak in the reduced section so split it between two meals.
  • Chicken thighs with new potatoes & veg with a homemade Philadelphia sauce
  • Beef enchiladas
  • King prawn stir fry
  • Homemade lasangne
  • Steak &homemade  sweet potato fries
  • I’m away on a bloggers spa day so the hubby & the boys will be having something out of the freezer, or the chippy!

Here’s this week’s grocery haul including all the items I bought with coupons

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