You’ve got to love the sales, I like nice things but I don’t like to spend a fortune. Besides, now I’m running my business part time I just don’t have the same amount of cash to spend anyway!

The only thing that drives me mad with the sales is that it can be a bit of a jumble sale in the shops, with things everywhere, whereas online means that you have to traipse through loads of online stores to find the best price, but…

I’ve recently discovered which has the sales from around 500 retailers, which is fab as you can find the best sales all on one website. I had a good nosy through the Carvela sale and found this gorgeous Danna Winged Tote reduced from £69 to £49 so look out for a review of this bag on the blog soon.

Carvel Danna Winged Tote in Orange

I also on the hunt for a dress for a couple of weddings we’ve got coming up and I love the fact that you can search the dress sale based on your size, rather than finding the perfect dress then realising they don’t have your size! I’m a little bit in love with this glittery one, a girl’s got too have a bit of sparkle.


I love the sales as I love to get a bargain. What about you, what sort of shopper are you?

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